Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Doodle your Sandwich Bags

BM # 68
Day : 30
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Fun with Sandwiches

This complete month of September I have been making Sandwiches for Cooking Carnival. I posted different themes for different weeks. Today is the last day of this marathon and this week I have made creative sandwiches , but for for today there is no sandwich recipe. I have made sandwich bags to pack sandwiches for your kids .

Our mornings are always busy, we are forever running and naturally it is difficult to pack crafted sandwiches. So here is a super quick way to get creative and add a fun element to your sandwich. I am sure the kids will love it and eat their sandwich happily. Well those of you who can spare time , just pack the sandwich and quickly doodle up or may be write something which would make the kiddo happy.

For those of you who need to be pulled out of bed can make these bags in their free time, while the kiddos are at school. Keep them ready and use them on special occasions . They are easy and will make anyone happy. You could even make a couple of them and pack them as gifts . If you are packing for your hubby perhaps you could write a naughty note . You just need to use your imagination.

I made kids favorite characters. There is a Olaf, there is Mc Queen racer car, for girls  Elsa and a Princess Crown. Lastly I drew a cheese slice. You could draw your favorite characters or simply doodle what you like.

This has been one interesting month , and I must thank Valli for such a wonderful theme where we could present our passion.

A big thanks to my family, co bloggers, my viewers who have constantly encouraged me. There will be a recap of these sandwiches , so do come back to check if you have missed something.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sandwiches with Love

BM # 68
Day: 25

Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Fun with Sandwiches

No, it is not Valentine's Day, but does depicting your love needs a day . Definitely not. These Love themed sandwiches need no special day to be made, just make them whenever you wish to. Make them for your friends,for kids , for your hubby, your family .

I used a fondat alphabet cutter to make the love cut out and for the hearts used a heart shaped cookie cutter. I spread a generous layer of nutella and used a strip of chocolate slice to enhance the word Love which has been cut from the bread. For the heart cut out sandwich I used a mini heart cutter and filled in a strawberry and some edible glitter.

It was fun creating these simple sandwiches for the last week of Cooking Carnival. To be honest this has been my favorite week. It was hard for me to decide which ones to make as I have a huge list of these creative sandwiches. 

Love Sandwiches

Brown bread
Chocolate slices
Edible glitter
Edible silver balls
Heart shaped cutters
Alphabet cutters

Take a slice of bread and cut out the word LOVE , leaving about 1" from the top of bread slice.
Keep these alphabets on a side.
Spread Nutella on a bread slice.
Cover the slice with the LOVE cut out slice.
Place a strip of chocolate slice.
Apply very little butter on the bread cut alphabets and place them over the chocolate slice.

For the second sandwich 
 Cut a small heart on one corner of the bread slice.
Apply Nutella on the other.
Place the cut out slice on top to finish the sandwich.
Slice a strawberry and fix it into the cut out heart.
Sprinkle some red glitter on top of the strawberry.

I have cut hearts from both brown and white bread.
Cut chocolate slices and place these on some of the hearts.
Edge these with edible silver balls.

Well if you do not have chocolate slices , no issues, go ahead and use ganache or a good chocolate spread.
You could even melt some cooking chocolate and spread, this will dry after a while.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ship Sandwich with a Smiley Pirate

BM # 68
Day : 24
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Fun with Sandwiches

Cooking Carnival is now at the verge of ending. This week I have had Fun with Sandwiches. I have been enjoying making these sandwiches which the kids would love to see in their lunch box or you could make them for parties.

For today it is a ship shaped sandwich. I have used a stencil to cut this sandwich , but you can make a template and then cut, it is super simple and easy. I made a cheese sandwich but you could use tomatoes, cucumbers or just about anything. The flag is again a cut out from a cheese slice.

Coming to the pirate, well I used ready McCain smileys. Tomato for the bandanna, cucumber skin for the eye patch.

I had no kids around me to enjoy this but trust me it was so much fun creating these food crafts. For once I felt I should have done the complete month with this theme. Perhaps Valli can add this theme in the future months.

Ship Sandwich

What we need
Cheese slices
Wooden stick
Ship shaped cutter

How to go about
Cut the bread with the help of ship shaped cutter.
Similarly cut cheese slices with the cutter.
Cut a cube sized piece from cheese.
Using a nozzle cut out two small circles from the top piece.
Apply butter to the bread and place the cheese slice.
Place the stick and and on top place the cube shape cheese to represent the flag.
Cut thin strips of tomato , removing the pulp and making it even thinner for the cross on the flag
Place the other slice of bread and make the sandwich.
The holes will show the cheese slice.
Slice the cucumber to represent the water.

What you need

How to go about
Fry the smileys.
Take a tomato and cut into quarter.
Using a sharp knife remove the complete pulp.
Taking a pair of scissors cut it into the shape of a bandana which would fit the smileys head.
To make the eye patch use cucumber peel.
Fix the strip and cucumber eye patch with butter first then stick the bandana.use butter as the glue.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Minion Sandwiches

BM # 68
Day : 23
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Fun with Sandwiches

Tom and Jerry has forever been my favorite cartoon, with time new characters have been launched , some how I have never shown interest in any. My little grand daughter is fond of Peppa Pig and the rest of the grand kids love Minion. Trust me these kids were the ones who told me about this character. It was on our trip to Singapore and specially to Universal Studios that these kids wanted to buy everything related to Minion. Water bottles, key tags,lunch boxes, bags , you name it and it had to be a Minion.The trip got over and we all are back to our own houses but the kids carried back Minions and Minions.

Now who are Minions?

Minions are small yellow creatures featured in the films Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. They are shaped like tablets and can have either one or two eyes and three fingers. Now what is Minion doing in our Cooking Carnival ? Well the little kids are not around me but I felt like making these Minion Sandwiches and Bananas for my sweethearts. This post is for all the rock stars who love Minions.

For a long time these Minions haunted me..truly, I kept changing my mind with their shape, Should I make round ? No, not this , that ! But when I sat down to make them I just went on, did not stop once to think , I even used the side bits to make the mini ones. I was quite pleased with these cute characters.

I was not very happy with Minion Bananas. I made them in the morning and clicked pics in the afternoon. Ideally an hour of carving gives you a very nice brown color. This is way too dark, but I did not have any more of these mini bananas, (which are a rare sight here in Ahemadabad ), and by the way Bananas are a favorite with Minions.

Minion Sandwiches 


Cheese slice ( I used Britannia, as it has a yellow tinge )
Cottage cheese
Chocolate slice
Chocolate chips 

Trim the edges of the bread.
Cut in the required shape.
Place the cheese slice.
Trim along the shape with sharp scissors.
Cut a thin strip of chocolate slice or fruit slice and use as belt.
The eye has been made with cottage cheese and chocolate chips.
The mouth with chocolate slice, which has been cut into that shape.
Chocolate vermicelli has been used for hair.

For the Minion Bananas, use a toothpick to carve out. Initially you shall not get the result, but as time will pass the color shall become dark. Ideally after carving a banana you would get a lovely color within 30-40 minutes, but if you feel it is light then wait for it to get deep.
You could use some sharp edged tools too to create pattern. I have used a piping nozzle to make the eyeballs.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Traffic Light Sandwiches with Cucumber Car

BM # 68
Day : 22
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Fun with Sandwiches

We are into the last week of the Cooking Carnival and this week I shall be posting sandwiches which are fun to make. I love creating sandwiches where children feel happy and you can see a sparkle in their eye and a big smile on their face. I love it when these little kids say - Oh wow !

Well I don't want to please only kids , even you might find something that you would like to make for your friends or hubby or for a party.

For the first day I have made Traffic Signal Sandwiches along with a Cucumber Car. These sandwiches look colorful and would attract the kids . They are very simple to make and in fact you could ask the children to help you with these. Of course you might have to supervise while cutting the breads. 

For these sandwiches, I took a big sliced bread, trimmed the edges and then cut the bread into two , so two slices give you four rectangular sandwiches. If you want you can make one full sandwich and then cut it . It can be done either way. I used tomato, grated carrot and pesto as the fillings of signal colors.

Traffic Light Sandwiches
4 slices bread
1 tomato
1/4 cup grated carrot
2 tsp pesto
Salt and pepper to taste

Trim the edges of bread.
Cut them from center.
Place the tops on a kitchen board and cut three small circles in a row from each piece of bread. I have used a piping nozzle to cut these ( refer the picture )
Now apply butter to all the top and bottom slices.
Place the bottom on the board and place a tomato slice, which has been further cut , then some grated carrot and finally spread pesto.
Sprinkle salt and pepper.
Cover with the top slices which have circles.
There you are with your sandwich.
The pictures tell it all, and you actually do not need a recipe.

Cucumber Car
1 cucumber
1 green olive
I black olive
4 slices of carrot
I cheese slice

Wash and wipe the cucumber.
Chisel out a small rectangular piece from the center.
Roll a cheese slice and fix it in that chiseled box.
Using a toothpicks to fix the wheels made from carrots. ( blanch the carrot slices for just a minute, this will help you to insert toothpicks ).
Insert a green olive with a toothpick and fix it at the drivers seat.
Cut one black olive and stick it with butter at the front of car.
Cucumber car is ready.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sharjah Sandwich

BM # 68
Day: 21
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwiches with a Twist

Sharjah is the name of a city in UAE. It has been a while since I visited this city though I visited Dubai recently. Our blogger friend Priya is from Sharjah. I have another friend from Sharjah who stayed in our building for a short time. It is this friend who introduced me to this Sharjah Sandwich. Yes, the sandwich is called the Sharjah Sandwich. I have never tasted it but made according to my friends instructions. Unfortunately Priya had not had this sandwich , but she was sweet enough to gather all possible information on it.

Coming to this sandwich , it's base is pita bread, the local bread of the Arabs. Since I was using only bread related sandwiches I made it with bread as the base.

The sandwich has a couple of samosas, French fries. A layer of chopped onions, tomato and green chillies and finally cheese. This is then grilled lightly and then cut into pieces. Wow doesn't the sandwich sound interesting ? It's a medley of flavors. The sandwich is enjoyed with a glass of tea. I used jumbo slices of bread for this sandwich and trust me it was one solid sandwich . I shared the sandwich with my hubby and yet could not eat my dinner, I was so full.

I made this sandwich for the 21 st day of Cooking Carnival.

Sharjah Sandwich

2 slices jumbo bread
10-12 pieces of French fries
Salt and pepper
1/2 onion, finely chopped
1/2 tomato , finely chopped
2 green chilly , finely chopped
Cheese, grated or cheese slice

Apply butter to both the slices, do not remove the crust.
Crush two samosas and place on the first slice.
Top with French fries.
Sprinkle salt and pepper.
Sprinkle the chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilly.
Sprinkle salt.
Place a cheese slice and cover the whole sandwich with another buttered slice.
Grill the sandwich, cut into two pieces.
Serve hot with tea. You could serve tobasco as a hot sauce with it.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Fried Vermicelli Sandwich

BM # 68
Day : 20
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwiches with a Twist

When I decided on making Sandwiches for Cooking Carnival, I wanted to document some family favorite sandwiches. When I say family favorite, I mean favorite recipes of all different members.This particular sandwich recipe was given to me by DIL. We made this sandwich for the first time and everyone at home loved it. Yes it was fried, yet everyone enjoyed it. In fact the first two sandwiches disappeared in seconds. I served the sandwich with a salad and watermelon juice. This is a snack but we had it for our lunch . One can make a mini version of these sandwiches too, they would be perfect to serve kids.

So here is another Sandwich with a Twist on the 20th day of Cooking Carnival.

Fried vermicelli sandwich
2 slices bread
1 tbsp green chutney
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
1/4 cup potato mix
2 tbsp lentil mix
2 tbsp corn flour
1/2 cup vermicelli
Oil to fry

Using a round jar lid cut the bread slices.
Apply green chutney on one slice and ketchup on the other slice.
Make a round Patty with the potato mix, just the size of the round bread slice.
Make a hole in the Patty, just like one makes in a donut.
Place the patty on the ketchup layered slice.
Fill the gap with the lentil mix.
Top with the chutney layered slice. Chutney side down.
Make a thin paste of cornflour and water.
Spread the vermicelli on a plate.
Heat oil.
Now dip the prepared sandwich in the cornflour mix , coat with the vermicelli and slide in the hot oil.
Deep fry the sandwich to a golden.
Serve hot.

Potato mix
1/2 cup boiled, mashed potato
1 green chilly, finely chopped
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Few drops lemon juice
Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients .

Lentil Mix
2 tbsp Moong, boiled
Pinch red chilly powder
Pinch dry mango powder
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients.

The sandwich has a medley of flavors, its spicy, slightly sweet and very very crunchy ! Along with a salad and some juice it makes a fantastic meal.

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